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Kodaikanal is one among the most admired, quiet and scenic mountain resorts in SountIndia. The Kodaikanal town stands amidst the beautiful southern summit of the upper Palani Hills close to Madurai in Tamil Nadu, between the Parappar and Gundar Valleys. These mountains form the eastward spur of the Western Ghats in South India. It is a fascinating hill resort, with the Magnificent Mountains, Gigantic Trees, attractive Lake and refreshing atmosphere. Kodaikanal is a perfect hill station for the tourists.

Kodaikanal is located at a height of 2,133 m high above the sea level covering an area of 21.45 Sq km. The hill resort is well-known for its Educational institutes of global reputation. The hill-plantation fruits and plums are famous for their freshness and flavor. Berijam Lake, one of the most outstanding natural lakes of South India, stretches over an area of 24 woody hectares.

Kodaikanal is otherwise called the 'Switzerland of the East' or the 'Princess of Hill Stations' and is famously known by its nick name 'Kodai'. Kodai is very cool at the nights, off times raining overnight, and generally mild, up to 23 degrees in the daytime. Fog, clouds and rain can be expected on any day at anytime.

The Kodaikanal hill station is filled with gorgeous view points, lakes, falls and parks etc. The serene lake at the heart of Kodaikanal, the fine gardens of Kodaikanal, the splendid Kodaikanal Club, matchless series of silky pine woods inclining down to plain, continually-flowing icy streams, amazing viewpoints which swiftly disappears in foamy haze, various waterfalls namely Bear Shola Falls, Silver Cascade Falls, Pambar Falls, Thalaiyar Falls, Fairy Falls and Glen Falls, Missionary Churches, the exciting Dolphin's nose, the unique flowering plant 'Kurunji' which blooms once in twelve years, are the key attractions in Kodaikanal.

Be it a vacation with your family or a honeymoon with your darling or a trekking with your friends in the pinewoods, Kodaikanal assures you the best moments of your life. You can enjoy the Kodaikanal attractions and beauty in a week or a weekend or even a days trip and return back in the night. Do not depart without tasting some of the sweetest pleasures of Kodai like the strawberries, plums, pears, cherries, butter-fruit, jamuns, apples, peaches and Malai Pazham, a variety of banana exclusively available in Kodaikanal.

Mesmerizing beauty of the greeneries and a host of viewpoints and attractions adds to Kodaikanal's charisma, turning this hill resort a cool spot for all tourists

Kodaikanal was previously a Christian Mission Station which later changed to a popular hill resort that generally has rain ten months a year which is usually called off-season. Season is generally April-June, and that's when most tourists visit. Kodaikanal is a charming place, free from dust and mosquitos, and has various tourists attractions and spots to visit!

Trip to Kodaikanal The simple direct way to reach Kodaikanal is by road. Kodaikanal is well linked by road with Chennai (520-km), Ooty (264-km), Trichy (197-km), Coimbatore (175-km), Kumili (160-km), and Madurai (120-km). Special means of transportation ply through the season. Taxis and vans remain the local mode of transportation. There are no auto-rickshaws in Kodaikanal, and taxi fares are set by local authority. Planes fly to Madurai and Coimbatore. Then a two hour taxi journey. The nearest railway stations are the Kodai Road Railway Station (80-km) and the Palani Railway Station (64-km).

General information:
Area: 21.45 sq.kms
Population: 100674 (2001 Censes)
Altitude: 2,133 - Metres above sea level
RainFall: 165cms (average)
Temperature: Summer - Max :29.0C Min : 16 .0C | Winter: Max - 21.30C Min - 9.0C Best Season April to June, and September to October, but can be visited throughout the year.
Cloth Light woollens in the evening during summer and heavy woollens during winter.
Languages: Tamil and English
State: Tamil Nadu
ISD Code: + 91
STD Code: + 04542